Friday, March 27, 2020

Renovated Wedding Venue in NJ

Are you looking for a wedding venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a wedding venue in NJ.

How to pick a wedding venue

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and the decision to pick the venue alone is one of the most stressful. However, these tips will help you out:

Choose where you want to get married

Back in the day, weddings used to be held in the hometown of the bride. Well, not anymore. These days, weddings can be held just about anywhere.

It could be your hometown, your spouse’s hometown, or even somewhere neutral if you want a destination wedding. Whatever the location, it really doesn’t matter – every place has a benefit, so it all depends on you guys. However, you will need to get a location where the event will be as convenient for people to get to as possible.

Convenience is the top factor to be considered here.

How much do you have?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the finances. Some wedding venues are amazing, but will cost you a pretty penny. So, you need to understand how much you have and compare it with what you can afford.

You can also compare your budget with the type of venue. For instance, a renovated wedding venue in NJ will most likely cost more because of the new additions and renovations. So, you will need to be ready to pay up to get the best in quality.

Speak to your partner and anyone else who might be contributing some funds to the success of the day and come up with the right budget. Of course, you have to remember that the venue isn’t the only thing that you’ll be spending your money on. So, don’t splurge your entire budget on just the venue because if you do, you might end up having to make some cuts in some significant areas later.

Get a guest estimate

Every wedding venue these days has a maximum capacity. This is the number of guests that it can hold comfortably without the entire place turning into a mob situation.

Keep in mind that the maximum capacity isn’t a flexible estimate. So, while there’s no pressure for you to get an exact number of guests, you should at least have an estimate. A venue that can accommodate 500 guests isn’t the same as one that can just take 100. So, don’t just pull a number out of thin air and believe you’ll be able to work with that.

Talk to your partner and your families and make sure you come up with a number that is suitable and that can be worked with. The last thing you want is to say your vows in a crowded, stuffed venue.


Setting your priorities is something you need to do at all times – including and especially when you need to get married as well. when you have a budget and a guest count, then talk about your preferred venue.

Do you want an outdoor space? Do you want in-house catering? Set your priorities and see if you have a venue that meets al – or at least most – of them.

For more information about our wedding venue in NJ, contact Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

Richfield Regency - Your beautiful and elegant wedding venue in NJ.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Off Premise Catering in NJ

Are you looking for an off premise catering in NJ? With Richfield Regency's off premise catering in NJ, you can have the elegance of a Richfield Regency catered affair right in your own backyard.

On premise vs. off premise catering

On premise and off premise catering are two of the most popular catering choices for anyone looking to organize an event.

With on premise catering, you have your food made and served at a physical location where your event is being held. It could be a hotel or a restaurant. However, off premise catering happens when you get a caterer to bring food from their premises to your location and serve your guests.

Both of these catering methods has its merits and demerits, so we’ll try to outline some significant differences:

The Number of Guests

On premise catering is limited in the number of guests you can have at your event, since it depends on the size of the premise.

With of premise catering, however, you can have as many guests as you like. With an open-air space, you can get ore tables, thus inviting more people in. as long as the caterer has adequate planning, there’s no problem for you all.

Service Types

Off premise catering means that you’re simply getting a service and menus. With off premise caterers in NJ, for instance, you don’t get to choose much in terms of additional services and styles. However, off premise caterers provide awesome buffet services where you can all line up and serve yourself or have the caterers serve you.

On premise catering allows you to choose additional services apart from the food. The premise could be a restaurant with additional services on its own, where you do more than just get your food.

Convenience Levels

Convenience is another area where on premise catering takes the cake. You could choose an open space that many people know, and you also enjoy relative freedom from the elements.

With off premise catering, however, you might not enjoy as much convenience. Caterers won’t be able to come with everything on the site, so that’s a bit of a challenge in itself. Also, you could have challenges with the location. Negotiating traffic can be tiring and time-sensitive.

The Cost of Service

A lot of the time, you’ll find that on premise catering is usually more expensive. These services provide more services to guests, so the cost is a tad higher than that of off premise catering. In addition to that, a lot of on premise caterers also have to settle some bills – including utilities, staffing, rent, etc.

On the flip side, off premise catering is a bit more affordable, although the treats and services are more limited. Caterers also don’t pay any bills of their own.

To be fair, there’s no clear-cut answer for which is better. You’ll need to choose based on your event size, the number of guests, your budget, and a few other factors.

For more information about our off premise catering in NJ, contact Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

Richfield Regency - Your source for off site catering in NJ.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Off Premise Catering in NJ

Are you looking for an off premise catering in NJ? With Richfield Regency's off premise catering in NJ, you can have the elegance of a Richfield Regency catered affair right in your own backyard.

If you're planning an event, almost any event, catering is a major part of it. the choice of food that will be served to your guest, as well as it’s quantity and quality is extremely important.

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a menu for your event. the number of guests expected, your budget and a host of many other factors come into play when selecting a menu. However, it is extremely important that your menu caters to as many guests as possible. allergies, religious requirements, and personal preferences can dictate the kind of food that your guests can take, and your catering must take care of that.

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your event goes off smoothly is to use an event planner an event planning team to plan and execute the event. Many managers make the mistake of going solo when planning or executing an event, however, it almost always causes the event to have issues and puts more responsibility on the manager and more work. Therefore, a piece of good advice is to hire an event planner or an event planning team if you can afford it.

Most times, you would have to outsource the catering of an event to a catering company. Luckily, most event planners also offer catering services or have connections to caterers that will provide you with exactly what you want. Even if you are planning the event yourself, you will do yourself a world of good to select the caterer to use. You can use an on-site or off-site caterer for your event. An on-site caterer is usually the catering department of the venue that you use, and as such, you are billed for the venue as well as the catering. However, it is advantageous to use off-site catering as it allows you to select the best of caterers for your event.
When selecting a caterer, especially an off-site caterer, it is important that you find out and know the venue required by your guests. Of course, you should also ensure that the caterer can prepare all that is o your menu. Next, it is the duty of the catering company to give you an estimated budget from the projected number of guests as well as the kind of menu specified.

The Richfield Regency is a catering company in NJ that provides premium off-premise catering services in NJ. No matter the kind of event, from a wedding to a social event, bar mitzvah, anniversary or corporate event, Richfield Regency is more than ready, willing and able to provide off-premise catering services to the best of my abilities. Richfield is full of staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about catering. From the master chefs to the attendants and waiters, Richfield Regency brings you a fabulous event that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. No matter your audience, menu or guest list, they assure that you will get the best possible results.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Event Venue in Essex County, NJ

Are you looking for a party venue in Essex County, NJ? Richfield Regency is an elegant and picturesque choice for your party venue in Essex County, NJ.

The kind of event you are organizing determines the sort of venue you choose. But everyone desires a site with a luxurious ambiance, sophisticated design and highly skilled and professional staff to make their event the talk of the town. Our services cover events like weddings, anniversary, birthday party, bar mitzvah, corporate events, christening, and any other remarkable occasion.

We specialize in customizing everything to your desire, bringing your dream venue to life. We have different packages to cover your budget. Our packages differ based on the number of staff, cuisine, hall size, decorations and designs, and many other factors.

How to choose the right venue

  • 1) Choose a theme: The theme of the party is the key to choosing the place of the party

  • 2) Create a budget: Your budget will determine the size of the venue, the number of guests and the kind of package you will be able to afford for the event

  • 3) Type of entertainment: Do you want a DJ, a live band, a rock band, or something more local?

  • 4) Road accessibility: The road to the venue must be easy to access, so your guests don't get lost or find it difficult to reach the place.

  • Factors for choosing a venue

  • The comfort of Guests: The venue must be very comfortable and non-hazardous. The health and safety of the guest are non-negotiable, and this is why it is the first thing you must consider when choosing a venue.

  • Competent and attentive staffs
  • The staff must be respectful, courteous, and considerate, especially to the needs of the guests. At Richfield Regency, We can assure you a well trained and experienced team that would keep your guest satisfied and pleased. 

  • Catering service options: one of the critical factors you must consider when choosing a venue is catering options; some places insist on using their on-site catering service. At the same time, others allow you to bring in your food. At Richfield Regency, we keep your options open; however, we always recommend that you use our exceptional catering service, which offers you a wide range of delectable meals.

  • Decoration and venue customization
  • Our decorations are one of a kind as we make sure that each event is treated differently with a personal touch to the designs. The aim is to give your venue a stylish look befitting to your taste. If you are having difficulty making some decisions regarding the event, we also offer assistance by recommending vendors and suppliers that will make your event memorable. 

    At Richfield Regency, we don't just want you to organize an event; we want your guests to have a memorable experience. If you are planning an event, you can call us to get a tour of our party venue to choose the most befitting setting. So, if you are looking for an elegant and picturesque venue for a party in Essex County NJ, contact us today, we got you covered.

    For a tour of our party venue in Essex County, NJ and to begin planning your next celebration, call the Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.

    Richfield Regency - The elegant party venue in Essex County, NJ.

    Friday, February 28, 2020

    Wedding Venue in Essex County, NJ

    Are you looking for a wedding venue in Essex County, NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a wedding venue in Essex County, NJ.

    Your wedding day is a special day for you, your spouse, your families and well-wishers. However, planning a wedding can get extremely stressful and tiring. It’ll seem as though there are a million and one things to keep track of at once, and there will be inevitable interruptions, disruptions and setbacks.

    There are many factors that affect the choices you make in planning your wedding. Your budget, personal preferences, and the number of guests would determine a lot of things. For instance, the number of guests that you're expecting would determine the choices of catering you would make, both in terms of quality and quantity.

    However, perhaps the most important decision that should make about your wedding is the choice of venue. Well, after your spouse of course. The wedding venue provides space for your family and friends to gather to celebrate your special day and determines how many guests you can comfortably accommodate. Much more than that, your wedding venue can even decide the date of your wedding. If the preferred venue that you want is not available that means that the date for your wedding might have to be shifted. This is why it is vital for you to choose a wedding venue as early as possible, especially if you aim to use a prestigious one.

    That being said finding the perfect value is a task in and of itself. There are so many choices, from a simple garden to an elegant ballroom or a beachfront, there are endless possibilities. Here are a few tips on choosing and getting your dream venue.
    The most important tip that you can have for your wedding is to use a wedding planner. the wedding planner has experience about the capacities and capabilities of a space, including the layout the time and items that you need to transform it to the perfect wedding venue. what's more, the wedding planner will have a comprehensive list of all available venues in a location including some that you did not even know about.
    You should also be extremely conversant with your guest list. you should have a good idea of how many girls do I expecting before you start looking at venues. this will help eliminate multiple problems and heartache down the road. A good tactic is to require all guests to RSVP and indicate their intentions to come as well as any guests that they will be bringing. In doing this, you have a good idea of what kind of venue you'd need for your wedding.

    If you're looking to get married in the NJ area, then the Richfield Regency is exactly what you're looking for. they provide beautiful wedding halls in addition to well-trained staff and catering services. The Richfield Regency is known for its beauty and elegance as a wedding venue in New Jersey. it allows you to create the ceremony of your dreams, expressing your individuality and transforming the exchange of vows into a moment that you would never forget

    Corporate Venue In NJ

    Are you looking for a corporate event venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a corporate event venue in NJ.

    If you are part of the corporate setup, then hosting corporate events would be like second nature to you. These events are important and significant for the growth and development of your company. Here you meet significant people like your current and potential business partners, important clients and many such other people. Hence, it is important that these events turn out to be perfect.

    Now, in order to help you with the corporate venue in NJ, so that your event turns out to be a success, we have prepared a list of 5 questions that you should ask, before making reservations.

    Can they offer vendor suggestions?

    Preparing for corporate events at times can be a hectic task with short deadlines and so much that needs to be arranged. In such cases, suggestions and recommendations are important. So if you haven’t yet decided upon a caterer, then ask your venue manager to offer you some suggestions. They usually keep a list of quality entertainers and reputable caterers that they have worked with, in the past.

    Is the space enough to fit in all guests?

    Before selecting any space for hosting your corporate venue in NJ, it is important that you know how many guests you are going to invite. On the basis of that, take a physical tour of the location and ensure if the venue is big enough to fit in all your guests or not.

    Do they have reliable event staff?

    Ask the manager of the corporate venue in NJ how much staff they have? Talk to the staff to personally ensure that they are kind, helpful and reliable. It is very important that the staff is supportive and reliable or all your preparations for the event can go to dust.

    What is their cancellation policy?

    Each corporate venue in NJ usually has a different cancellation policy. Hence, it is important to discuss it with the manager. There are some venues that have non-refundable deposit policies while some other policies charge a certain fee for cancellation up to 30 days in advance.

    Do they have parking space?

    Before finalizing the venue for the event make sure to inquire if the venue has on-site parking space. And if it doesn’t, then how far is the parking area.

    So, these are some important questions that one should keep in mind before finalizing a corporate venue in NJ.

    For more information about the planning that goes into Corporate Events in NJ, contact Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

    Friday, February 21, 2020

    Cooperate Event Venue in NJ

    Are you looking for a corporate event venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a corporate event venue in NJ.

    Are you looking for a reliable cooperate event venue in NJ? At our office , our premium hall provides a warm backdrop for cooperate event venue. Our company has operated for more than ten years with world class cuisine and unique services. Our staff are professional and are dedicated to ensure they meet customer satisfaction.

    With serene, large space and convenient environment, your entire holiday party is awesome.

    If you have party for your employees, we are at your services to ensure all your want is achieved. Whether you are a small business organization or a large business organization our cooperate Event venue is 100% available for you.
    Our skilled and experience staff will provide excellent welcome to all your guest.

    In our cooperate event venue in NJ, we offer all the following menu:

  • Vegetarian menu
  • Non Kosher menu
  • Non Kosher Traditional menu
  • Non Kosher Viennese Table menu
  • Kosher Menu
  • kids menu
  • Kosher Viennese Table menu
  • Kosher dairy Menu

  • Our skilled and experience staff provides excellent services and gives your guest the attention they deserve.

    For more information and about the event planning for your cooperate event in NJ contact us on:973-239-6234.