Friday, February 21, 2020

Cooperate Event Venue in NJ

Are you looking for a corporate event venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a corporate event venue in NJ.

Are you looking for a reliable cooperate event venue in NJ? At our office , our premium hall provides a warm backdrop for cooperate event venue. Our company has operated for more than ten years with world class cuisine and unique services. Our staff are professional and are dedicated to ensure they meet customer satisfaction.

With serene, large space and convenient environment, your entire holiday party is awesome.

If you have party for your employees, we are at your services to ensure all your want is achieved. Whether you are a small business organization or a large business organization our cooperate Event venue is 100% available for you.
Our skilled and experience staff will provide excellent welcome to all your guest.

In our cooperate event venue in NJ, we offer all the following menu:

  • Vegetarian menu
  • Non Kosher menu
  • Non Kosher Traditional menu
  • Non Kosher Viennese Table menu
  • Kosher Menu
  • kids menu
  • Kosher Viennese Table menu
  • Kosher dairy Menu

  • Our skilled and experience staff provides excellent services and gives your guest the attention they deserve.

    For more information and about the event planning for your cooperate event in NJ contact us on:973-239-6234.

    Thursday, February 20, 2020

    Wedding Venue In NJ

    Are you looking for a wedding venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a wedding venue in NJ.

    A wedding day is a great deal for every couple. It is on this day that a couple decides to take their vows and to give their partners a lifelong commitment. And hence, everything on this big day needs to be perfect. From the dress to the food, from guests to the first dance, from ceremonies to the wedding venue, all just needs to be perfect!

    But during the wedding, with so much happening all around and with so much still left to take place, it sometimes becomes difficult to make some decisions. But worry not, because that is what we are here for. So today we will talk about the process of choosing a wedding venue in NJ. And here we go!

  • Start the planning

  • Sit for a while and try to imagine how you want your wedding venue to look like. Think about factors like the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding, how much distance will be too much distance from your home, etc., and on the basis of these decisions start looking for the venues that are available in your area.

  • Know your priorities

  • Decide on your priorities. See what you think is important. Do you have budget issues or the budget does not matter, are you planning on getting the catering from an outside vendor or not, and are you fine with another wedding happening at the same time or not. On the basis of these factors, narrow down your search.

  • Ask people around

  • Ask the people that you know for their recommendations. Ask your sisters or your friends who have had their weddings in the last 2 or 3 years to know what they have got to say about their wedding venues. Plus, if you know a wedding caterer or a photographer then that is good news! Use their experience to your advantage.

  • Go with your gut!

  • Once you have your list down to a few wedding venues in NJ, go for a physical tour. Check out the locations; see if you feel a connection with the place and the staff at any one of the wedding venues in NJ. Because if you do, then that is the place that you want to reserve for your wedding day.

    So, this is how you can choose your wedding destination in NJ. Also, do not forget to make the reservations beforehand for your special day or else you might have to let go of your chosen venue because it is already full.

    For more information about our wedding venue in NJ, contact Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

    Richfield Regency - Your beautiful and elegant wedding venue in NJ.

    Friday, February 14, 2020

    Wedding Venue in NJ

    Are you looking for a wedding venue in NJ? The Richfield Regency is renowned for its elegance and beauty as a wedding venue in NJ.

    Are you in need of wedding chapel in NJ? In this organization we provide the elements that are necessary to make your wonderful wedding day magical under a roof. Without a further search for fantastic wedding chapelall the preparations are intact. Your guests will take a short indoor walk from one chapel to cocktail hour without interruption and continue the celebration. In advance, our chapel is a convenient place to welcome all your guest.

    Sometimes a  a venue can create scheduling issues, and that can change your plans to be included on your wedding day, but with perfect wedding venue, you and your partner will have an elegant, warm atmosphere to exchange vows and begin your journey together. Whether you are having difficulty locating a church to fit your schedule or are looking to have a non-traditional ceremony, we welcome you and your family to share the space in our beautiful wedding venue before sharing a meal, dances, and memories.

    When you visit our office to tour our venue, our professional wedding planners will discuss your plans and desires to give your day unique flourishes. Maybe you prefer to have time to take pictures with your wedding party, family, and friends. The outside building is also decorated for different pictures and backgrounds, like as beautiful waterfall, a wonderful backdrop for your wedding party's photos and lots more. And across the road, the enchanting Verona Park provides a tranquil and romantic setting for beautiful wedding photography opportunities. Our wedding venue is deigned for your wedding or commitment ceremony, there are incredible options to truly make your special day yours. No matter your decision, our wedding professionals will assist in making your day truly memorable with expert service.

    For more information about our renovated wedding chapel in NJ, call the online customer service on.

    Friday, February 7, 2020

    Prom Venues in NJ

    Things to Consider when choosing a Prom Venue

    Proms in NJ are no longer held in streamer-covered gymnasiums. At Richfield Regency, our prom hall in NJ has the feel of a nightclub with our use of LED lighting, furniture and other decorations. As a modern and trendy prom venue in NJ, we take pride in our ability to convert our banquet hall to an unrecognizable venue for eating, dancing and creating memories.

    Choosing a venue for an event can be quite tasking as there are many things to take into consideration ranging from accessibility, capacity, location among others. Choosing a venue for prom is also the same and has a little dynamic attached to it because the event is not only for the members of the committee, it involves the whole school and student body. That is why when choosing a venue for prom, ensure that you check out some of the following things that are not as obvious as accessibility, location or capacity:

  • 1. Parking: this is one aspect of choosing a prom venue that might be easily ignored. This is because more often than not, a lot of people do not bother about it until the day of the prom. When choosing a prom venue ensure that there is adequate parking space for as many people that are going to show up. Also check if there is valet parking or if the students have to sort out the parking on their own. Some venues come along with valet parking but it is best to ask and not assume.

  • 2. Services and Amenities: one important thing to consider also when choosing a venue for prom is the amenities and services that are being offered by the venue owners. Be specific about what services they are to offer such as valet parking, clean up among others. Ensure that you are clear on this before hand so that you can make adequate provision before the day. Also, check out the amenities that they have. Ensure that the toilets and bathrooms are clean and have water and necessary products. Also check the audio and visuals if they are providing it, this is to ensure that all things are in place before the day so as to avoid a messy situation.
  • 3. Cost: this is a very important part to consider when choosing a venue. It is logical to assume that before the prom begins, there is already a budget and, on the budget,, a certain amount has been allocated to the venue. It is very important that one takes into consideration the cost of the venue. It is best to go for a venue that is not too over top and one that would be easy to pay for. When considering cost, also remember the cost for other services and amenities that might have been over looked.
  • 4. Flexibility on Date: more often than not, a date has already been chosen for the event. This proposed date is what is being told to the venue owners. Flexibility on date comes in when the proposed date cannot be met due to one reason or the other but the venue owners are willing to give the chance to hold it another date.

  • Prom venues are very important when planning for prom and one needs to make the most of it by considering these above.

    For more information about the planning that goes into proms in NJ, contact Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

    Friday, January 31, 2020

    Holiday Party Venue in NJ

    Are you looking for a holiday party venue in NJ? At the Richfield Regency, our elegant banquet hall provides a beautiful backdrop for your corporate or office holiday party.

    Are you looking for a reliable holiday party venue in NJ? At our office , our premium hall provides a warm backdrop for students, cooperate and office holiday party. Our company has operated for more than ten years with world class cuisine and unique services. Our staff are professional and dedicated to ensure to meet customers satisfaction.

    With serene, large space and convenient environment, your entire holiday party is awesome.

    It is the period to party! In our banquet hall, you will be meet by a wonderful set up and warm interiors decoration. Now invite all your employees for season Holiday parties and visit our office to have a wonderful set up.

    With our dedicated menu provider that will surely give you any kind of meal you desire.

    We move forward to satisfy our customers after their holiday party dinner with dessert selection. With our famous and perfect dessert table station, we provide your entire party with delicious options. Get ready for Pies, Pudding, cakes, Cookies, a chocolate fountain, cremes, and some other delicious food for you.

    At our holiday party venue in NJ we are provide a classy environment for your celebration, For any event include the following:

  • Christmas party venue in NJ
  • Hanukkah Party venue in NJ
  • Kwanzaa party venue in NJ
  • New years party venue in NJ

  • Visit our office and receive best from our professional, expert and active services with delicious meals.

    For more information and about the event planning for your Holiday event party in NJ contact us on:
    For more information about our holiday party venue in NJ, call the Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    Wedding Chapels

    Are you looking for a wedding chapel in NJ? The Richfield Regency features an on-site wedding chapel in NJ, providing the elements that are necessary to make your special day magical - under one roof. Without travel and further preparations, your guests will take a short indoor walk from our chapel to cocktail hour and continue the celebration without interruption. Our wedding chapel makes your wedding or commitment ceremony convenient with our renovated chapel, comfortably accommodating up to 250 of your guests.

    Getting married is a thing of joy for almost anyone. You get to walk down the aisle and say Yes to the love of your life. It is a moment that should be cherished and kept forever. These days, many people come up with various locations to hold their wedding ceremony but the most conventional and most used is the Wedding Chapel. Often times people wonder how to go about choosing a wedding chapel, well in reality choosing a chapel depends on what you want as the couple. A wedding chapel is a very important part of the wedding day because it houses your guest when you take your vows, it is also the place where you get to say your vows and where you get to take most of your pictures.

    Before choosing a wedding venue, these are some things to consider:

  • 1. Visit the location: it is advisable to visit the location before the wedding day. Taking a tour of the wedding chapel will help you check things out for yourself. This way you can determine if it is the best fit for you. It is advisable that you visit more than one location so as to weigh your options.

  • 2. Peruse the Wedding Photos of the Chapel: it is best to go through the website of the chapel to check out the photos of couples. Make sure that there are a variety of pictures there for you to check through. Checking the wedding photos will help you have a better feel of the wedding chapel.

  • 3. Check the officiants photos: it is given that most chapels have a team of officiants. You can go through their profile to help you know which of them you will be making use of. Choosing your officiant also gives you some level of comfort as you will be picking someone you know is best suited for you.

  • 4. Decoration of the Chapel: it is best to know the decoration you want for the chapel. Ensure that the chapel decoration is in line with your theme at the wedding reception. This makes it a more wholesome experience for not just you but for the guest also.

  • 5. Amenities on the Chapel: it is important to consider the amenities on the chapel such as the convenience areas, the parking lots and spaces, the entrance of the venue. Also consider the after services to be done, are you going to take care of after event cleaning or the chapel is in charge of that? It is important to consider this as it helps with your planning.

  • 6. Seating of Guest: it is important to consider how the guests will seat. The pews and the aisle section should also be considered. Ensure to consider the comfortability of the pews. Also consider having a children section within the chapel if there will be quite a number of children available.

  • Above all, the most important thing to consider is how the chapel makes you feel ranging from the staff you meet to the ambiance of the place. Ensure you consider your guts and your budget when choosing a wedding chapel.

    For more information about our renovated wedding chapel in NJ, call the Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

    Monday, January 13, 2020

    Sweet 16 Venues

    We offer many different menus at our sweet Sixteen party hall in NJ that will be sure to please every palate.

    Planning a sweet 16 birthday can be quite tasking as one has to take into consideration a lot of things ranging from who to invite, venue to be used, food to be served and the theme of the event among other things.

    When planning a sweet sixteen, it is nice to take into consideration themes that can match your venue. Coming up with themes for a sweet 16 can be a little tricky as you do not want to turn off your guest and come across as weird. Below are some sweet sixteen venue themes that are fun and safe to have for your sweet sixteen birthdays:

  • 1. Retro/Vintage Theme: a retro/vintage theme is such a delight and beauty because it brings back relieving the older days and trying to dress in such a manner. When planning a retro/vintage themed sweet sixteen party, ensure that the decorations match all round the venue. A retro/vintage themed sweet sixteen party is fun and easy to plan because one does not need to make use of too many props and above all, you get to see your friends come in their amazing Elvis Persely or Marilyn Monroe attires.

  • 2. Black Tie Theme: this type of theme is an easy pick because it mostly requires guest wearing a tux or suit for the guys and the girls come in amazing dresses and gowns. Decorating the sweet sixteen venue for a black tie themed event does not require much as you can decide to go for colors that suit you and would make the venue pop. Although some people might see it as an overkill, it would be fun to have a red carpet or a green carpet at the venue just to add to the feel.

  • 3. Sport Theme: the sweet sixteen venue can be decorated with a sport theme the celebrant likes. For example, it could be a lacrosse themed party or a basketball themed party. A sport themed sweet sixteen birthday party is usually laid back and fun. One can even throw in a bit of competition to make it more fun and interesting.

  • 4. Cowboy Theme: the cowboy theme can be very fun to go with. The decoration of the venue with this theme can be a bit tasking but if done right, the cowboy theme can actually be an amazing one to pull off.

  • Choosing the right theme for your sweet sixteen venue will determine how you decorate the venue. It also can differentiate between having the best time of your life to having the worst time of your life. Haven decided on a theme, ensure that all things related to the party are in line with the theme. Ensure that the decoration of the venue aligns with the theme you have chosen. Also make sure that the food, invites, gifts and props are all in line with your theme as this makes it a more wholesome experience.

    We have an unmatched reputation in our excellence of food and service. Our elegant sweet sixteen venue in NJ is located in the green rolling hills of Western Essex County. We have built our reputation around a lavish ambiance, graceful surroundings and an attentive team of staff members. If you would like to know more about booking Richfield Regency for your sweet sixteen venue in NJ, call Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234 and speak with one of our staff members. We are here to answer any questions you may have.