Friday, May 6, 2016

Wedding Prices in NJ

Any way you want to slice it, wedding prices in NJ can be expensive. The key to making a wedding work is to plan it properly. Even if you take your time, budget, and plan out every little expense – chances are pretty good there will be a few wedding expenses you don’t think about. 

The Richfield Regency welcomes all couples to our elegant banquet hall in North New Jersey. When you visit us to speak about your wedding plans and budget, we will discuss wedding prices in NJ catering to your desires. Our affordable prices can include diverse menu options crafted by culinary experts, accommodating space for family and guests, on-site chapel, our renowned Viennese dessert stations, and much, much more. We're excited to begin working with you to help realize the wedding of your dreams! Visit us today to speak with our wedding experts about your special day.

We've learned a thing or two in our many years as wedding planners and event coordinators. Here are a few expenses most brides forget to include in their budgets when deciding on wedding prices in NJ.

Beauty Treatments

Chances are pretty good you set some money aside for your hair styling and your makeup. However, you may need more than one beauty treatment or trial before you are comfortable and happy with the way you look. Do you have enough money set aside for extra beauty treatments such as getting your nails done or getting a tan?

Your Bachelorette Party

Even if you have money set aside for your bachelorette party, set aside some more. Bachelorette parties seem to get bigger and more expensive every year. More groups like planning big weekend getaways such as going to Vegas with the girls. While the maid of honor and bridesmaids are supposed to pay for the party, you may have to chip in.

Marriage License

With so much going on, the marriage license is one aspect of wedding prices in NJ a lot of people do not think about. Depending on where you live, this license will cost you between $20 and $100. This is something you will usually pay for before the wedding. Keep in mind, you do not get a copy of your license just because you filed it and got married, you have to pay for a copy of the license too.


Do not forget about the stamps you are going to need for the invitations, save-the-date cards, RSVP cards, and thank you notes. Chances are pretty good you are going to go through a lot of postage before the wedding is over.

Even if you think you have every possible aspect of your wedding planned out, it is a good idea to have some emergency money set aside for unexpected expenses. If you end up not needing or using the money, you can just enjoy spending the money on something fun with your new husband.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Unique Wedding Venues in NJ

A wedding is always a cause for celebration. Two people pledging to support and love each other is a wonderful thing, and should be treated as an opportunity for family and friends to come together. In the past, most weddings took place in houses of worship: churches, synagogues, temples, mosques. These days, modern couples might want something a little more off the beaten path or out of the ordinary. Unique wedding venues in NJ can successfully showcase the couple’s personality, and add a little extra oomph to any wedding party!

The Richfield Regency works with couples to create truly unique wedding receptions that highlight your mutual interests, personalities, and style. Our fantastic staff of committed wedding planners and professionals ensure that your vision becomes reality, helping you create the wedding of your dreams! In 2016, unique wedding venues in NJ tend to cater to one trend or another. At the Richfield Regency, we provide space and options to help realize your wedding day fantasies! If pursuing a venue outside of our reception hall, we provide our world-class cuisine and staff so you can experience high quality food and service at the destination of your choosing.

Outdoor weddings are often a big hit. Beach weddings have been increasing in popularity. This is a good option for couples looking for unique wedding venues in NJ who either want a destination wedding, or live close to the water. Other couples prefer to be married in the mountains or forest. No matter where your wedding day takes you, we have the abilities to make it truly memorable.

Those with a love of history may enjoy saying ‘I do’ in a castle, library, or museum. Some university libraries, particularly those with beautiful architectural touches, double as event spaces. Most castles are no longer inhabited year round, but those that are able to host parties can help a couple feel like royalty! And museums, with their grand halls and precious objects, can provide an eclectic, unique setting for couples with a taste for knowledge. 

Most of us only have a big wedding once in our lives, and it’s important to pick a location that emphasizes our special day. It will be all the more precious in being somewhere that really matters to us! So, when it’s your turn to be a bride or groom, choose a special place to say ‘I do.’

Searching for unique wedding venues in NJ? The Richfield Regency is easily accessible near the following New Jersey counties:
For more information about unique wedding venues in NJ, call the Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.