Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Banquet Hall in NJ

A Bride’s Guide To Involving Her Father In The Wedding Plans

A wedding is a special and emotional day for a bride. For most brides, it is a day they have been dreaming and planning for years. This can also be a very emotional day for the father of a bride. A father doubles as the first man in a girl’s life who she loved and cared about. A daughter, on the other hand, is the only girl in her father’s life that he learns to love and cherish as much as his significant other. It makes sense for a bride to want to incorporate her father into her wedding plans; and it makes equal sense for the father to want to be involved.

The Richfield Regency is honored to share your special day with you. Our banquet hall in NJ provides elegant space for you and your loved ones to celebrate your lifetime commitment to love. Featuring an beautiful on-site chapel, diverse and expansive menu options, and renowned Viennese dessert stations, our charming location provides the essentials to make sure your wedding reception provides a lifetime of memories.

Utilize Your Father’s Detective Skills

Chances are pretty good your father asked every question in the book when he found out you were in a relationship. It is not uncommon for a father to perform a background check; and even follow your new significant other around. Utilize these detective skills by asking your father to help find and research details for your wedding. Your father will be honored that you want him to help. Our elegant banquet hall in NJ is more than happy to include you and your father's special inclusions, dances, or reception details.

Consider The Father and Daughter Dance Music

Watching a father slow dance with his daughter at her wedding reception is one of the more heartwarming and tear wrenching moments in any wedding. Consider letting your father choose what song the two of you will dance to.

Let Your Father Run Errands

There are tons of little things you need to get done to prepare for a wedding and wedding reception. After you’ve made a to-do list, consider letting your father help execute the to-do list. It will help with your stress level; and your father will appreciate being asked to help. Likewise, our banquet hall in NJ will assist you in crafting your special evening to your unique vision.

Truthfully, how you choose to include your father in your wedding plans does not matter. Your father is just going to appreciate the fact that you wanted to include him. There is a high level of trust a bride places in individuals when she asks them to help with the wedding; and your father will love knowing you have this level of trust in him. 

Our affordable banquet hall in NJ proudly hosts wedding receptions for newlyweds throughout New Jersey, including the following areas:
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prom Venues in NJ

The prom is an American staple. Every year, millions of teenagers across the country get ready for this right of passage dance. This marks a close to their high school career, and as such, most teens take this day very seriously. Almost as important as the prom itself is the location where the dance will be held. The right location sets the mood, tone, and produces the memories you want the teens in your care to keep forever. But how do you choose between the many prom venues in NJ

The Richfield Regency is proud to host your school's prom in our spacious and elegant banquet area. A large dance floor, vast dining options, and our professional and courteous staff will help create a truly memorable night. While many claim to be among the best prom venues in NJ, Richfield Regency focuses on customer satisfaction and assists in the design of a night all about our prom guests. From cocktail options to our renowned Viennese dessert stations, customized requests to customized seating, we will work with you to realize a night many high school students anticipate the entire school year.

As with any other important decision, there are experts to help. When you sit down with us to express your needs, we will work with you to craft a night that fits your budget without skipping details important to you and your guests. Working with many schools, our expert staff know what teens want and what will make the night special for them. If you are unsure how to prepare such an event, we can help!

The best 2016 prom venues in NJ are the ones that the students and chaperons involved can become immersed in and fully enjoy the evening. In a way, successful prom venues bow to the side, letting the prom and environment take center stage. If somebody notices something about the venue, this is probably because something is lacking. At our prom venue, we make sure to include necessities and details to create a unique prom that truly celebrates the class. In fact, we go above and beyond to bring you the most complete experience within your school's budget. Like you, we consider the students' memories to be priceless and wish to provide what we can to give them another wonderful high school memory.

Did somebody say selfies? We feature an on-site waterfall, beautiful and fun banquet space, and a DJ area to give student's a club-like atmosphere. From the moment you enter to the last dance of the evening, we focus on your class's enjoyment. With the Richfield Regency, you receive delicious menu options, elegant space, and a night tailored to your wishes - all within your budget!

Finding prom venues in NJ can be overwhelming. The Richfield Regency proudly hosts proms and other events, local to the following counties:
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Wedding Venue in NJ

So, you've found the person to walk through life with - your partner, loved one, soul mate, and the spouse you plan on growing old with, raising a family with, and sharing all of your memories, goals, and ambitions. Well, congratulations! That was the first big step. Now the next one is planning the big day. Women dream about this occasion from the time they are young. Men eagerly await the day they'll have some stability in their love lives and personal growth. As such, your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, before and after the big day. And to plan such a special occasion, you need the right wedding venue in NJ that includes all of the features you need - and those you didn't know you wanted!

The Richfield Regency is excited to help you with your wedding day. In our wedding venue in NJ, we feature an on-site chapel to exchange vows, charming cocktail hour space with room for an accompanying violinist or musician, and a spacious, elegant ballroom to spend your evening with family, friends, and of course, the love of your life. Our service standards emphasize your complete satisfaction, and we achieve this through our customizable and vast dining options, attentive and friendly service, and welcoming space sure to accommodate all of your family and friends. If you are looking for a unique wedding experience where your wedding day desires are sure to be fulfilled, look no further than the Richfield Regency.

Our location is ready, willing, and able to see your through even the most intricate of wedding plans. You may want a small, intimate marriage, or you may want a massive guest list of all your personal friends, family, and acquaintances. You may have specific cultural or religious needs as well. No matter your preferences or special ceremony, we will give you the time and space needed in our wedding venue in NJ to ensure your wedding dreams become reality.

Our team was hired because they enjoy weddings almost as much as the bride and groom. They enjoy bringing the most out of such an important day, one that you'll never forget. And we want you to remember the wedding for all the right reasons. That is, our courteous staff is always on call for every whim, desire, and need of the wedding party. Beyond this, we can offer guidance and assistance, as we've seen hundreds upon hundreds of weddings in our day, and have learned what works best and what doesn't. Still, you'll have complete freedom to plan the day as you see fit within our wedding venue in NJ. After all, it is your celebration and one of the most dignified experiences of your life.

The Richfield Regency is easily accessible to the following counties:

Come check out our wedding venue today and see how we can accommodate you and your special event. Marriage is no small thing, and our business is built upon honoring it as it such.

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