Monday, April 24, 2017

Ideas for a Bar Mitzvah Venue in NJ

A “Bar Mitzvah,” “Bat Mitzvah” for girl, is a rite of passage for Jewish children as they reach religious adulthood. These are sacred Jewish rituals but also a time to celebrate the growth of your daughter or son. There are many venues where you can hold your celebrations across the country. Here are some ideas to consider for a Bar Mitzvah Venue in NJ.


Your synagogue is a necessary place for the religious parts of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It is, after all where they read from the Torah, say the important blessings and lead the congregation as an adult for the first time. While many synagogues are equipped to work as a Bat Mitzvah Venue in NJ and handle some basic catering, many parents opt for a shift in venue for the reception because they offer a more luxurious and celebratory environment, superior on-site catering options, and more experience handling large crowds.

Catering Hall 

Catering Halls like Richfield Regency are an ideal Bar Mitzvah Venue for numerous reasons. Large celebrations like a Bar or Bat Mitzvah require a celebratory environment that combines accessibility with luxury. Catering hall staff are experienced working with large parties, serving several courses of food unobtrusively, providing easy adaptable dance floors for all kinds of entertainment options including DJs, dancers, live bands and more, and handling seating and parking for large numbers of guests. A catering hall can also be easily adapted to a variety of different themes ranging from a classic night club feel to an awards show, to a beach party and more.

Sports Venues 

If you are looking for a Bat Mitzvah Venue in NJ that gives you a chance to do more activity than just eat, mingle, and dance, a sports venue can be an ideal choice. There is lots of space where you can have more group activities and games as you celebrate. Look for a convenient sports venue and take care of any likely change of weather. While not all sports venues offer quality catering options, you can hire an experienced catering company like Richfield Regency to provide food worthy of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Historic Venues and Mansions 

If you would like to mix the classic celebration with a little bit of historical flair, you may consider off-premise catering services to give this event a historically appropriate and suitably celebratory flavor. There are a number of such sites that offer space to hold parties and meetings. As with Sports Venues, Richfield Regency can provide off-site services to give this event a historically appropriate and suitably celebratory flavor.

To learn more about Richfield Regency's Bar or Bat Mitzvah Venue in NJ and our kosher catering and non-kosher
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wedding Venue in NJ

A wedding is a grand occasion and one wants everything to be fantastic mainly the wedding venue. We all have some or the other preferences and want the wedding venue just like the one we have always imagined. There are different types of wedding venues and people choose them according to their requirements and preferences.

Location is one important factor to take into consideration as you will remember it all your life. This is the place where you will take you vows to stay together forever. So it must be chosen with care. There are various types of wedding venues. One must choose one depending on their budget.

At Richfield Regency, our wedding venue in NJ is lavish and luxurious. Throughout the years we have had many weddings here and with every guest and booking we strive to not only make everyone comfortable but make sure they have a night they won’t soon forget. At our venue in Verona NJ, we have so much to offer such as:
  • Outdoor fixtures for lovely photography opportunities. We have a waterfall, an outdoor fire place, a grand entrance, fountains, and a gazebo.
  • Full service onsite catering. It’s much easier to have one venue that can host your wedding and provide food that is carefully prepared and artfully arranged. You can choose from several of our menus or even create a custom menu just for your wedding. And if you or your guests have special dietary needs or restrictions, we can work around that.
  • A chapel! We have a lovely chapel where you can hold your ceremony with all your loved ones. We are proud to state that at our chapel we can comfortably seat a total of 250 guests. Plus, this can save you lots of time and confusion because you don’t have to worry about guests getting lost from the church to the reception.
  • A cocktail room. Wedding ceremonies are very emotional and great time for family bonding so we have a great space for cocktail hour where your guests can mingle, eat a little, and of course take lots of pictures with the newlyweds.
  • Multiple rooms to choose from. At Richfield Regency, we have two major rooms (The Regency Room and The Gold Room) to choose from, both equipped with changing LED lights, and a dance floor to dance the night away.
Wedding Venue in NJ 
You won't have to bother about anything, once you have booked with our venue and detailed the management about your requirements. You can expect everything to go exceptionally well at our venue. One does not even have to worry about entertaining the guests. You can forget about everything and just concentrate on enjoying your wedding. After all, it is your wedding day.

As for pricing, we can work with you on that so you don’t have to struggle to pay for the wedding of your dreams.

To learn more about our wedding venue in NJ, or for more information about Richfield Regency, please call us today at 973-239-6234. One of our event coordinators will be happy to speak to you can begin helping you put together the wedding of your dreams.