Friday, December 28, 2012

Wedding Reception Hall Promotions for 2013

The seasons of spring and summer are full of nice weather, blooming flowers and new beginnings. These are just some of the reasons why weddings in the spring and summer are so beautiful. If you have wanted to plan a wedding for the upcoming year, consider Richfield Regency's wedding reception hall in North NJ for special pricing on all weddings held in the spring and summer of 2013!

Richfield Regency is located in Verona, NJ, across from the picturesque Verona Park, which provides a perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. Within our venue, we have a wedding hall and chapel. We also offer catering options that include kosher, non-kosher, kids and vegetarian menus.

If you want the thought of getting married in the spring or summer of 2013 to become a reality, come in and visit our location. If you book your wedding within one week of your first visit, we will give you a free Viennese table! By booking your wedding with us, you will have considerable savings on your special day!

Our wedding reception hall in North NJ will provide you with a luxurious atmosphere that will make your special day full of elegance, beauty and happiness. Between our hall and our newly-designed chapel, which can accommodate up to 250 guests, we will provide you with a setting that will enhance the celebration of your love. It is the perfect place to make the memories of a lifetime!

2013 is approaching quickly as the month of December comes to a close. Do not hesitate to make your dreams a reality! To see our wedding hall, chapel and to find out more information about our venue and the available dates for spring and summer weddings, contact us at 973-239-6234 today!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Catering in Essex County, NJ

Are you  having a special event soon? do you want to have the most exquisite and finest food around ? Well Richfield Regency  can provide you with the best of catering service in Essex County, NJ. On your special day everything should be perfect, especially the food you offer your party guest. The foods in any event are always the most memorable thing that brings everyone together and can make the difference in a positive or negative experience. 

Richfield Regency is is proud to be an exclusive caterers in Essex County, NJ serving many notable hotels and venues such as the Brookdale Country club, Grand Summit hotel and the Wilshire Grand hotel. We are known for our excellent offerings of kosher menu's and also offer kosher dairy menus as well as Vietnamese kosher menus.  Our expansive menu allows for a customized catering that you and your party are sure to love. Whether you are having a wedding or a corporate we are sure to bring you the foods you will all enjoy. 

Call us now for your catering in Essex County, NJ at 973-239-6234.