Friday, November 30, 2012

Off Premise Catering in NJ

When you're spending money on a significant event like a wedding or a bar mitzvah, and even a simple corporate party,your goal is to make it as memorable as you can. If the music is bad, people wouldn't dance. If the food  is not tasty, people won't be excited to eat . Then what? To save your event from trouble, make sure you pick the best off premise catering in NJ. You want them to look back and talk about how delicious the food was as well as the excellent hospitality. At Richfield Recengy,we make all that happen. As catering professionals, we customize your affair  to create those memorable moments that last a lifetime. From homes to yachts, our off premise catering in NJ will be there to supply for all catering needs. Our catering company in NJ provides attentive waiters, flatware and a perfect menu of fine cuisine. For bat/bar mitzvahs,we offer an extensive off premise kosher menu that is supervised by a rabbi. Do not worry about the cost, our catering packages in NJ are tailor made to fit different budgets. Get ready for a tasteful and memorable event.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Catering in NJ

Food is an integral part of the Jewish culture. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is also a very important milestone in a Jewish person's life. At Richfield Regency, we understand how crucial it is that the food served at your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah is not only delicious but also true to the Jewish heritage. Over time we have developed an excellent reputation of high standards in our North NJ Bar/Bat Mitzvah catering.

From attentive European service, to our delicious menu, our New JerseyBar/Bat Mitzvah Catering is sure to satisfy. We have a Kosher Menu, Kosher Dairy Menu, Kosher Viennese Table Menu, Non-Kosher Traditional Menu, Kids' Menu and a full vegetarian menu as well. Some of the food featured on our wide array of menus include tasty options like: a black caviar station, slider station, steak au poivre station, chicken savoy, tiramisu, international coffee bar and more.

At the Richfield Regency, we also do catering for weddings and offer off-premise catering too. We specialize in both on and off-site catering and are sure to leave you satisfied with our food and services. For more information on our North NJ Bar/Bat Mitzvah Catering, call 973-239-6234.