Thursday, May 22, 2014

Christening Venue in North NJ

Are you interested in a christening venue in NJ? Richfield Regency offers a christening venue in NJ.

What ties the family unit tighter and connects relatives and close friends together more than celebrating the milestones we achieve? Those eventful occasions, achievements, and more--both the ones that seem really big, and even the ones that may seem small – they all create memories. By celebrating with family and friends we validate, recognize and appreciate the individuals who comprise our families. Love for family gives cause to indulge in festivity, and is especially bonding and meaningful when it’s a christening in NJ.

What makes these momentous occasions even more special is choosing the right christening venue in North NJ--one that will not only be in your budget range, but will support your vision to make your child’s baptism special and meaningful for your family. As a religious celebration, it is important that the venue staff is respectful and understanding of your needs and wishes, especially as they pertain to faith-based traditions and observances. As this celebration of new life may integrate into its theme prayer, references to biblical passages or scripture quotes, and/or a liturgical color scheme, a baptism venue in North NJ that is accommodating to your theme will truly set the stage for the ambiance to create a visually appealing, photogenic and memorable occasion. The joy of celebration draws family and close friends together, exudes love and radiates cheer, especially for a christening of a new baby.

A customer-friendly sales manager will always be willing to discuss amenities and catering options with a polite and flexible disposition, provide a tour of the facility and, as an experienced professional, may even offer suggestions to enhance your momentous occasion.  The facility becomes interwoven in what adds to our memory book of our life and family experiences, to be cherished for a lifetime.

If you’re interested in a christening venue in NJ call us at 973-239-6234 and book today!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wedding Venue in North NJ

Your wedding day is one of the most special days you will experience in life. It should be everything you want. If you’re getting married why not plan it with us at Richfield Regency at our wedding venue in North NJ.

We provide elegant menu options that are set for any couple. You can choose from kosher or Non-Kosher menus and design it to your liking. Our beautiful facilities and fantastic staff will make your experience even better. You’ll be amazed at everything that is offered at our wedding venue in New Jersey when you plan your wedding in NJ with us.

Richfield Regency sits across from the gorgeous Verona Park that could be used as scenery for fantastic portraits of you and your loved one. Its charming waterfall and stone bridge will add the right essence to any photo. It’s the perfect place to capture that perfect kiss.

Here at Richfield Regency we want you to have the most exciting wedding experience you can have. We will make the special day with your loved one memorable as ever. You will not forget you wedding at our wedding hall in North NJ. It’ll have people talking about it for years to come.

If you would like to know more about Richfield Regency, or about our wedding venue in NJ, call us today and speak with one of our professional staff members today.

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