Friday, December 27, 2013

Party Theme Ideas

Everyone loves a party, no matter the occasion they're always a joyous gathering of close friends and acquaintances. Sometimes you want your party to standout from the other parties that you've been to and themes are a great way to make your guests say “Wow!”.
  • Decade Party – These parties are very popular but never lose their level of amusement. A 1920's prohibition party is great elegant themed party. A 1970's party is perfect if you want your guests to have fun with their costumes and on the dance floor.
  • Casino Party – With the success of Boardwalk Empire this theme is perfect. No, no real money will be won or lost (That's illegal!). But you could hand out fake money and chips to your guest and award prizes to the people based on the amount they have left by the end of the night.
  • Black and White Party – Simple, easy and elegant. It's always easy to find a black and white outfit to wear, but the fun part for guests is getting creative with it! If it is a rather large party, the host should wear a bright color (red, green, etc.) in case they need to be found easily.
  • Masquerade Party – Dating back to the 15th century, these parties have never fallen out of high fashion. Outfits are usually simple, putting emphasis on the masks. It is a good idea to have a few extra masks at hand in case a guest or two forgot, or had trouble finding a mask.
  • Prom Party – Yes it may have been ten years ago, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun. Hiring a period specific cover band, or a DJ will have your guests dancing like they're 18 again. Hiring a prom photographer will add even more to the event. And don't forget about the king and queen! What makes this better than prom? No teachers!

The location of your party is always determined on the amount of people you expect. Richfield Regency is a party venue in Essex County, which features full catering capabilities.  

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Catering Essex County NJ

 catering essex county nj
New Years Eve is right around the corner. Do you know what kind of food you are having for your party? It’s a lot of work to make food for all of those guests. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your holiday? Richfield Regency provides catering in Essex County NJ. We can bring the food food to you.

Whether you need catering for a small party or a large corporate event, the Richfield Regency can bring all the food you need right to you. We have several extensive catering menus to choose from, including:

  • Non-Kosher menu
  • Kosher menu
  • Non-Kosher traditional menu
  • Kosher dairy menu
  • Non-Kosher Viennese table menu
  • Kosher Viennese table menu
  • Kids menu
  • Vegetarian menu

We are the exclusive caterers to several venues throughout New Jersey. We also have a beautiful venue with luxurious banquet halls in which to celebrate any special occasion or ceremony. We have a non-denominational chapel that is great for weddings.

If you would like any more information on our venue or off-premise Essex County NJ catering, contact the Richfield Regency.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are a special time for children and their families. The tradition of following the religious Mitzvah ceremony with a celebration or party has become a recent trend. These tips will help planning your child's Mitzvah a little easier.
  • Booking the ceremony at your Synagogue should be the first step you take in the planning.
  • Decide whether to host the celebration at home, or somewhere else. If you do decide to hold the party somewhere else start looking for a banquet hall in NJ.
  • Make a list of the guests you and your child want in attendance. Keep the size of the party in mind to include family and your child's friends.
  • Hiring a DJ is always a good idea for these events as they can add a certain level of energy to a room.
  • If you or your child has a charity that is close to you, ask that instead of gifts donations be made to the charity instead.
  • Plan on the type of menu you and your child want. There are many Kosher offerings that you may like, but your child may not be interested in. When planning the menu you should consider both tastes.
  • Is there going to be a theme? It all depends on you and your child, but if you are going to have a theme plan on that as soon as possible.
  • Selecting invitations should be your last step and should include all the information that is listed above.

These tips will make sure that you, your child and your guests all have a terrific time. Enjoy the party and Mozel Tov on this big day.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Caterer

Catering companies can often save party-throwers from a lot of unneeded and unwanted stress and trouble when hosting an event for a gathering of people. No matter the location, having caterers at a party can be a lifesaver. There are many good reasons to hire a catering company for your next get-together, including the following:

  • You can spend more time with your guests: Rather than running in and out of the kitchen to check if the salad has been tossed or the entrees are prepared, you can relax with your guests and enjoy the party you are throwing. Do not spend your time worrying about if the food is ready or if it is hot enough – leave that to the professionals!
  • You can create a diverse menu: Catering companies always provide a wide array of options for customers to choose from when they have an event catered. Richfield Regency, a Monmouth County catering company provides seven menu options, with vegetarian options provided as well.
  • No party is too big or too small: From an intimate gathering to parties of thousands of people, catering companies can accomplish what seems to be the impossible. Caterers can accommodate any number of guests in any location to make sure that your party goes smoothly.
  • No more planning on your part: Aside from choosing the menu, you can sit back and relax when it comes to the food you will serve at your party. You can focus on other details that may be involved instead. Leave it to the catering company to plan out every small detail when it comes to the food!
  • Make your night much easier: Do not stress about anything on the night of your party. The caterers will handle all of the food preparation, serving and cleanup. Enjoy the food and the party you are throwing!

No matter what type of party you are having, a catering company can make the night much simpler for you. The next time you are planning a gathering of family or friends, consider hiring caterers to handle bringing and serving the food.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Catering NJ

While it was reported earlier that there would be no tailgating in the parking lot of Super Bowl LXVIII that will be held at MetLife Stadium next February, that will not be entirely true. Super Bowl CEO Al Kelly stated that tailgating will indeed be allowed, but fans are not allowed to bring lawn chairs, grills or leave the confines of their parking spot, adding that tailgaters will be “watched very carefully.”

While all of this sounds like a blast, many people will be watching the big game in their homes with plenty of space and plenty of guests. If this is the case, you need to have amazing food for all of your guests. Richfield Regency is a wedding venue that also provides catering in NJ. We have several extensive menus to choose from.

Whether you are having a small gathering or a large party, we have many different options and a wide range of budgets so that we can accommodate any need. If you would like more information on or venue or any of our NJ catering services, contact the Richfield Regency.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Party Tips

Planning your holiday party can be a less than festive task. It doesn't matter if your company is 10 or 100 strong, it is still a hassle trying to get everything moving in one direction. These tips are meant to help you feel more at ease when planning your holiday party.
  • Be realistic about the budget – this is important, do not over stretch your budget. Keeping all costs accounted for and in the budget will put less stress on you than needed and your company will appreciate your money mindfulness.
  • Stick to your guest count – Set a hard date for people to decide whether or not they are attending the party. Caterers will account for one or two additional people, but if 25 people show up unplanned it's going to throw everything off. Likewise letting the caterer know a day or two before about an additional 10 people is the difference between extra hors d'oeuvres and 10 more main courses.
  • Keep the weather in mind – if the weather becomes inclement notify guests that you are pushing the start of the party back. This should not be a problem for your guests, and it will take some weight off the caterers.
  • Stick with your plan – Don't second guess yourself and stick with the plan you have set in place. Changing things last minute not only adds stress to you, but to the people working the party and your guests.
  • Plan your food ahead of time – Caterers take pride in the food they prepare, calling them a day or two before your event isn't fair to you or the caterer. Giving the caterer enough time is essential to getting the quality of food you expect for the money you are paying.
  • Let the staff do their job – You put the work in to plan this party, now reap your reward and enjoy the party. Trying to micromanage things will not let you enjoy yourself.

With these tips in mind it is also important to find a caterer with experience and professionalism. Richfield Regency is a full service catering hall and off-site caterer. With years of catering in Bergen County you can be assured that you and your guests will be pleased with a Richfield Regency event.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Look at our Special Promotions

The Richfield Regency is hosting another spectacular event open to the public this January, when the American Bride Bridal Showcase comes to town. The American Bridal Show Company has been doing bridal shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 25 years and over 100,000 brides have attended this special experience in order to plan and shop for the wedding of their dreams.

If you register for the Richfield Regency’s hosting of the American Bridal Show, you have a chance to win a free, seven-night Hawaiian getaway on Oahu and Hawaii as well as many other fabulous door prizes. You can see the latest trends in wedding styles and d├ęcor, taste a free sampling of our NJ catering company's exceptional cuisine and have a great time with family and friends.

The Richfield Regency has been a prestigious wedding venue in NJ for many years, and we are proud to feature the acclaimed American Bridal Show Company for another expo. If you are interested in attending, click here and register today.

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