Friday, November 16, 2018

Holiday party venue new jersey

Are you looking for a holiday party venue in NJ? At the Richfield Regency, our elegant banquet hall provides a beautiful backdrop for your corporate or office holiday party. For many years we have served world-class cuisine with exceptional service. Our staff is dedicated to the enjoyment of you and your office during a night of celebration. Our holiday party venue in NJ combines a beautiful convenient location, tailored menus, and large space to accommodate your entire holiday party. Our large dance floor can get even the quietest person in your office up on their feet.

It's the season to party! In our banquet hall, you’ll find a wonderful setting to give thanks to your employees or team this holiday season for all their hard, dedicated work. With our rich menu options, you’ll surely find a bite to eat for every picky eater. From our Peking Duck, mashed potato, or meat carving cocktail stations to our fine selection of entrees, you’ll fight the urge to leave your table in anticipation of the next course.

When you come to the Richfield Regency, you can expect professional, attentive service and delicious food from the moment you enter until the last dance of the evening. Our holiday party venue in NJ provides the building, food, and service necessary to create a truly memorable night – we’re just missing you!

For more information about our holiday party venue in NJ, call the Richfield Regency at 973-239-6234.

Richfield Regency – A Beautiful venue for your holiday party venue in NJ.

Friday, November 9, 2018


Are you looking for a Beautiful Venue in NJ?
New Jersey is home to Richfield Regency, we are situated in Verona in Northern New Jersey. Need a serene environment for a small wedding or an accommodating location for your larger wedding? Our experienced stuff are here to help you plan and organize your wedding, classic party (Christmas parties, birthdays, new year`s eve, Bar Mitzvahs) or really get-together of any kind. For any special occasion Richfield Regency is the venue in NJ for you.

We have a great cuisine that does amazing things with food you are familiar with not to mention our exquisite continental menus, but the most amazing feature of our kitchen is the fact that it is personalized. So if food for the guests is your concern just talk to one of our professional stuff and we will help you choose a menu that suits your likes.

We also provide off-premise catering services to the region (Northern New Jersey), that way we bring the experience of fine dining wherever in the surrounding area you may be. Our catering service involves the full package. We have experience and professional employees, with very kind personalities and accommodating bartenders.

Our dedication to giving you a great experience is glaring from our decorations and the premises we make use of. For instance, our well planned out and decorated chapel in itself is a feast for the eyes, we do justice to even the littlest things, our careful selection and arrangement of china wares and linen for your occasion.

Our unique surroundings add an air of old-world sophistry and attractiveness. While in Verona we have accomplished a lovely and rarely seen mesh up of city charm and urban sophistry. Our wedding hall in New Jersey is a testament to our fashion style and appreciation for natural art; situated right across the street from the lovely Verona Park. In addition to the natural attractiveness and beauty of the park, our guests (especially newlyweds) find the park an ideal backdrop for wedding photographs because of its mesmerizing waterfall and stone bridge. It's a very romantic spot, the guests simply fall in love with the scenery and aroma of nature.

Our guests, always depart from our premises or acknowledge the efficiency of our catering services with a smile of satisfaction on their faces but a trace of reluctance in their eyes. Even the guests of our guests have a splendid time and would not hesitate to call back as soon as possible. These are facts which can be confirmed with a little asking around and additional but minimal web-surfing. Comments have been given through letters and personally, brides have wept because they claim we have made their dreams come through. But honestly, it is just what we do (help fulfill dreams) and the benefit because we also get to share many beautiful occasions with our guests.

Richfield regency offer reasonable and cost-effective rates which our guests always appreciate.

For a tour of our Beautiful Venue in NJ and to begin planning your next celebration, call the Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.

Richfield Regency - A Beautiful Venue in NJ