Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Richfield Regency Offers Quality Off-Premise Catering

Imagine that after months of hard work the shop you have been slaving over is finally ready for public viewing. It is the big day! Your grand opening! You have informed your family and friends, bought a new outfit and contacted the press. But there is one element missing: off-premise catering in North NJ.

Arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of any event is having a good meal. If you serve your guests some tepid fish or iffy meat, you run the risk of making an underwhelming first impression. In the interest of avoiding that problem, choose Richfield Regency and rest easy.

Richfield Regency specializes in off-premise catering in North NJ, for any number of different events: whether it is a grand opening or a corporate party, a wedding or an anniversary. Catering is available for any location and size of venue. We can serve you at your home, on a yacht, at a house of worship, and anywhere else your heart desires. All your needs will be met, no matter if your party is an intimate group of 30 people, or a blow out bash with hundreds of guests.

When it comes to off-premise catering in North NJ, we cover all the bases. Not only are waiters provided, but all necessary dishes and cutlery, as well as an impeccable menu of fine foods. We offer eight different menu types: non-kosher, non-kosher traditional, non-kosher Viennese table, kids, kosher, kosher dairy, kosher Viennese table and a full vegetarian menu as well. You can feast on baked brie with raspberry coulis, herb-crusted pesto artichoke hearts, sea scallops wrapped in bacon, baby lamb chops and much more.

We have been selected as the exclusive Kosher caterer for a huge array of locations. To name a few: The Wilshire Grand Hotel, Skylands Manor, Montclair Art Museum, Temple Beth Rishon, Temple Beth Shalom, Temple B'Nai Jacob, etc.

For more information on Richfield Regency's off-premise catering in North NJ, contact us at 973-239-6234. 

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