Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off-Premise Holiday Party Catering in Northern NJ

When winter rolls around and it comes time for your annual holiday party, you want to make sure that one of the most important elements, the food, is done right. For catering to be considered a success, the food needs to not only taste good, but it should come with variety, flexibility, and friendly service. If you are on the hunt for off-premise holiday party catering in Northern NJ, the Richfield Regency will cover all your needs.

In terms of flexibility and variety, we offer a vast array of catering packages that are made specifically to fit a wide range of preferences and budgets. This includes a kids menu, non-kosher traditional, non-kosher Viennese table, kosher dairy menu, kosher Viennese, and regular kosher menu as well. Our kosher catering menu is under strict orthodox rabbinical supervision. When you need off-premise holiday party catering in Northern NJ, we are happy to accommodate you for a party of 50 people, or even 1,000.

If you choose us for off-premise holiday party catering in Northern NJ, you will be offered a wide variety of food to choose from. To name a few: macaroni and cheese served in martini glasses, sweet and sour chicken kebabs, black and white sesame chicken with toasted sesame sauce, pineapple wrapped in pastrami, Japanese dumplings with soy and ginger dip, and more. We also have a slider, meat carving, and mashed potato station. If any of your guests are “foodies” or “gourmands” they will leave your holiday party fully satisfied.

For more information about our off-premise holiday party catering in Northern NJ, contact Richfield Regency today at 973-239-6234. 

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