Friday, September 14, 2012

Off Premise Catering Company In North NJ

You are thinking of holding one of the biggest parties of the century, large inspirations indeed but you are a go-getter and no challenge is too big for you. You already have booked a yacht for the event and deciding between Jay-Z, Pitbull, or Muse for the musical guest. You have the guest list set-up and even have your companies' Ceo coming in for a speech. All you need is a prestigious off premise catering company in North NJ. There may be many different options but one certainly stands out above the rest and that is Richfield Regency.

Richfield Regency is one of the most respected and prestigious off premise catering companies in North NJ. We provide our services for any type of event, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah , anniversary, corporate event or to be an integral part of the “party of the century”, no matter what it is, you can trust us to bring you a catering experience like no other. We can handle any type of location as well, from a yachts to homes and even temples you can rely on us.
Our off-premise catering company in North NJ provides its clients with the total package. Waiters, flatware, and one of the most delectable menus ever assembled. Don't worry about the number of guests either, it can be 50 to 500, we will provide with the same unparalleled service. We provide our clients with different packages that fit with different budgets ensuring that no matter how big or small you would like the party to be, that not only, your guests will be happy but so will your wallet.

If you have any questions about our off-premise catering company in North NJ or about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to call us at: 973-239-6234!

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