Thursday, August 15, 2013

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

In modern society there are many different ways to form a union with another individual. The most common and widespread practice is a conventional, religious marriage adhering to the customs of a specific faith. Another popular choice is a non-traditional marriage where the religious practices are skipped in favor of a looser, more contemporary celebration. Finally, there are commitment ceremonies – a union between two people that is public and official but not legally binding. Richfield Regency is a New Jersey commitment ceremony venue that can offer valuable knowledge about these procedures.

There are several key components of a commitment ceremony that must be understood:

  • Vows are still exchanged. These vows can be dictated by religious texts or can be composed by the participants detailing the extent of the commitment that is being entered into.
  • There is still usually an exchange of rings.
  • An officiant will announce that the couple is now joined in commitment (wed/united) and there will be a kiss as in a conventional wedding ceremony.
  • The format of the ceremony can be strict or loose, depending on the wishes of the participants. Readings and music can be used or ignored completely in favor of poetry or personal writings. Anything from classical music to pop songs can be played.
  • A reception follows the ceremony based off the wishes of the participants. There can be a bouquet toss, cake cutting, dancing, and other structured practices or there can be any number of other types of parties.

It is important to note that not all establishments are open to commitment ceremonies, so individuals need to seek out a qualified NJ commitment ceremony venue that can accommodate the needs and requirements of the participants as well as what is necessary for the ceremony itself.

Learn more about commitment ceremonies and the growing impact they are having on American marriages today by calling 973-239-6234  or asking the commitment ceremony experts at the NJ commitment ceremony venue at the Richfield Regency.  

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