Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Plan a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and difficult task to undertake, and often times people are not sure where to start. The Richfield Regency is a leading wedding venue in North NJ that has helped thousands of people over many years get the ball rolling when it comes to planning a wedding, and here is a list of some checkpoints for those who may be confused about what goes into planning the perfect wedding.
  1. Decide on a budget – obviously, you need to know what the wedding is going to cost from the very start.
  2. Pick wedding parties and organize a guest list – as soon as the news is out, people are going to need to know about where to be and what they need to do.
  3. If you feel like hiring a planner, the best time to do this is after you have made your budget but before you choose your date and wedding venue.
  4. Book an officiant who will preside over the ceremony.
  5. Hire photographers, videographers and entertainment around ten months in advance.
  6. If the wedding venue does not offer in-house catering, look into a catering company.

These are only some of the many steps that can get you started as you begin the whirlwind process of planning your marriage, and our experts are ready to assist you through every step of the way when you have questions that you can’t answer on your own. We want to make your special day perfect, and our wedding venue is the best place to start.

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