Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Party Tips

Planning your holiday party can be a less than festive task. It doesn't matter if your company is 10 or 100 strong, it is still a hassle trying to get everything moving in one direction. These tips are meant to help you feel more at ease when planning your holiday party.
  • Be realistic about the budget – this is important, do not over stretch your budget. Keeping all costs accounted for and in the budget will put less stress on you than needed and your company will appreciate your money mindfulness.
  • Stick to your guest count – Set a hard date for people to decide whether or not they are attending the party. Caterers will account for one or two additional people, but if 25 people show up unplanned it's going to throw everything off. Likewise letting the caterer know a day or two before about an additional 10 people is the difference between extra hors d'oeuvres and 10 more main courses.
  • Keep the weather in mind – if the weather becomes inclement notify guests that you are pushing the start of the party back. This should not be a problem for your guests, and it will take some weight off the caterers.
  • Stick with your plan – Don't second guess yourself and stick with the plan you have set in place. Changing things last minute not only adds stress to you, but to the people working the party and your guests.
  • Plan your food ahead of time – Caterers take pride in the food they prepare, calling them a day or two before your event isn't fair to you or the caterer. Giving the caterer enough time is essential to getting the quality of food you expect for the money you are paying.
  • Let the staff do their job – You put the work in to plan this party, now reap your reward and enjoy the party. Trying to micromanage things will not let you enjoy yourself.

With these tips in mind it is also important to find a caterer with experience and professionalism. Richfield Regency is a full service catering hall and off-site caterer. With years of catering in Bergen County you can be assured that you and your guests will be pleased with a Richfield Regency event.

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