Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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A Bride’s Guide To Involving Her Father In The Wedding Plans

A wedding is a special and emotional day for a bride. For most brides, it is a day they have been dreaming and planning for years. This can also be a very emotional day for the father of a bride. A father doubles as the first man in a girl’s life who she loved and cared about. A daughter, on the other hand, is the only girl in her father’s life that he learns to love and cherish as much as his significant other. It makes sense for a bride to want to incorporate her father into her wedding plans; and it makes equal sense for the father to want to be involved.

The Richfield Regency is honored to share your special day with you. Our banquet hall in NJ provides elegant space for you and your loved ones to celebrate your lifetime commitment to love. Featuring an beautiful on-site chapel, diverse and expansive menu options, and renowned Viennese dessert stations, our charming location provides the essentials to make sure your wedding reception provides a lifetime of memories.

Utilize Your Father’s Detective Skills

Chances are pretty good your father asked every question in the book when he found out you were in a relationship. It is not uncommon for a father to perform a background check; and even follow your new significant other around. Utilize these detective skills by asking your father to help find and research details for your wedding. Your father will be honored that you want him to help. Our elegant banquet hall in NJ is more than happy to include you and your father's special inclusions, dances, or reception details.

Consider The Father and Daughter Dance Music

Watching a father slow dance with his daughter at her wedding reception is one of the more heartwarming and tear wrenching moments in any wedding. Consider letting your father choose what song the two of you will dance to.

Let Your Father Run Errands

There are tons of little things you need to get done to prepare for a wedding and wedding reception. After you’ve made a to-do list, consider letting your father help execute the to-do list. It will help with your stress level; and your father will appreciate being asked to help. Likewise, our banquet hall in NJ will assist you in crafting your special evening to your unique vision.

Truthfully, how you choose to include your father in your wedding plans does not matter. Your father is just going to appreciate the fact that you wanted to include him. There is a high level of trust a bride places in individuals when she asks them to help with the wedding; and your father will love knowing you have this level of trust in him. 

Our affordable banquet hall in NJ proudly hosts wedding receptions for newlyweds throughout New Jersey, including the following areas:
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