Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Corporate Events Venue in NJ

The most crucial part of organizing a corporate event is choosing the venue. The place you choose has to be really elegant, spacious with suitable ambiance. But choosing a venue itself depends upon several things like the number of people, kind of event, location and other things. We at Richfield Regency want to offer you some tips on choosing a corporate events venue in NJ

Here are some things you will have to take care of before hosting a corporate event:

The very basic requirement before hosting any event is to know the number of guests. You can only begin shortlisting the venue when you have an average idea of the number of people that are supposed to be there. The guests will determine the location depending on where most of them are from, following food, travel arrangements and everything else.

Whether it's for a smaller event or for over one hundred people, we can accommodate the number of guests for your event.
Corporate Events Venue in NJ 
The next key factor is the location. You can only narrow down to few options of the venue if the location is final. If the location is pre-decided, usually when the event is supposed to be held in another city, you need to inform the guests well in time. You will also have to arrange overnight accommodation and travel. And if the event has to be planned at a really short notice, it is best that you pick a location in proximity to the guests.

We are conveniently located in Verona, NJ, right across the street from Verona Park!

Check availability and space
Once the number of guests and location is finalized, start looking for venues. You will have to check if they are available during those dates so start early. Make sure the venue is spacious enough. See to it that it has enough room for meetings, breakout sessions, award dinners and whatever else is involved. Also, before booking check if the rooms available are on the same floor and not too far from each other so that the guests don’t feel disconnected.

Before you book with us you are more than welcome to schedule a tour of our venue and we can discuss how we can all arrange the event so that you and your guests will feel comfortable.

Transportation and parking
The need of transportation will depend upon the location. If the event is going to be held in a distant place that requires certain guests to get there by flight, it is necessary that you make pick up arrangements for them from the airport to the hotel. However, if the event is in the same city transportation will not be an issue. The most you might have to do is arrange for cars or cabs to pick up certain people. The people who are driving to the event are entitled to a safe parking space, so you need to take care of that too.

If you're worried about parking, worry not! We have plenty of parking available on site.

Accommodation services
You must ask what all is included when you book the venue. If the tables and chairs you require for the meeting are available. Wifi will be a basic necessity, make sure the venue has a good range of wifi. Some options may be complementary, some may be not. If there are presentations involved, you will need a projector. You can ask them if they provide it otherwise carry it with you. 

We want you to have as great of an experience as possible, if we can help you by providing accommodations, let us know!

Most venues have their own caterers, so that’s one job off your hands. All you have to do is finalize the menu. The menu, of course, depends upon the time of the day and choice of guests. The food quality and quantity must be good as these events and long and tiring. Have lots of beverages served to keep the guests refreshed!

At Richfield Regency we have onsite catering and several menus to choose from. We can also accommodate for your guests dietary needs!

To learn more about our corporate events venue in NJ, please call us today at 973-239-6234. One of our events coordinators will be happy to speak to you!

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