Friday, January 5, 2018

Kosher Catering NJ

Kosher food is in demand for many reasons. For some, kosher food is a religious dietary obligation. For others, the careful preparation of Kosher foods which reduces outside contaminants holds a distinct appeal. Still for others, kosher food itself has a specific flavor that simply isn't replicated by their non-Kosher equivalents. Whatever the reason, if your event requires Kosher catering, Richfield Regency offers multiple, expertly prepared and certified Kosher menus for you to select.

It is important to know that, while Richfield Regency offers Kosher Catering in NJ, not all catering services or banquet halls offer kosher food. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to check with the catering service company whether they offer kosher food or not. If they claim to do so, make sure you are carefully investigating and scrutinizing their food preparing methods to know if they offer kosher foods that follow the Jewish dietary laws. 

Kosher Catering in NJ at Richfield Regency

Furthermore, another important factor to consider is that the catering service provider has detailed knowledge of the Kashrut; this is the set of dietary laws of Jews. This set of laws has a huge number of guidelines and rules to be followed, which only a professional and certified caterer can understand. This will ensure that they are able to prepare to foods for your event in a kosher manner by following all the guidelines and rules of Kashrut. Last, but not the least, you need to make sure that catering company responsible for preparing and serving your food has received the required certification from an approved rabbinical authority. You can see Richfield Regency's certification for kosher catering in NJ right here. 

Certification and approval are necessary because of the numerous kosher rules for food preparation. For example, for fish to be prepared in kosher style, it should contain both fins and scales. Kosher style food doesn’t allow meat and milk products to be served in the same meal. Moreover, they shouldn’t also be cooked, served, and stored in the same utensils.

For the kosher foods for your event, you need to rely on the most professional catering service that is offered by [name of the company]. They are a certified company and have hired professional chefs who have deep understanding of kosher rules and guidelines. All you got to do is to tell them your menu and they will prepare the food items in kosher style adhering to Kashrut rules.

To learn about our Kosher Catering in NJ at both our banquet hall and off premise, call Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.

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