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Event Venue Hall in NJ

Are you looking for an Event Venue Hall in NJ? At the Richfield Regency, you will experience the ambiance of tastefully appointed surroundings and the hospitable services offered by our skilled and attentive staff of catering professionals.
Meta Descriptions: Choosing the right event venue can make a world of a difference. Consider this expert-recommended checklist to take your event to the next level.

Not all event venues are created equal. Your choice of event venue can make or break your event, whether it’s a trade show, conference, team-building outing or even a birthday party. If you don’t choose the right venue, the turnout will be low, and you’ll get a bad reputation as an event planner.
To choose an absolutely perfect venue for your event, follow this tried-and-true checklist


The chances are that you can’t do anything to change the date for your event. That means you have to find an event venue that’ll work around your schedule. It’s a smart move to book an event venue several weeks or months in advance:

  • Book at least 4 weeks before an interactive event
  • Book the venue 4-5 weeks before a small corporate dinner or business cocktail hour
  • Snap up the venues 5-6 weeks if you’re planning multiple events across the country. The same goes for conferences, trade shows, seminars, and symposiums.
  • Venues for holiday parties should be booked 3-6 months in advance
  • Book a wedding venue 9-14 months before the big day.

Renting the right size event venue is crucial. If it’s too small, your event will be cramped and overcrowded. That’s a big no-no. A space that’ll too large can also make your event feel dull.
  • Know your target audience so that you can pick a suitable venue for them.
  • How many people will attend your event? Use this figure to choose an event venue that’ll accommodate your attendee list comfortably.
  • Ask your guests to RSVP by indicating it clearly on the invitation, flyers, etc. You can also follow up with a call or email.
  • Pick a place that’s close to your attendees
  • Consider where most of your guests work or live
  • Choose a place that’s in proximity to train, taxis, bus stop or other transport hubs, especially if there’ll be alcohol consumption

  • Know the demographics of your target attendees
  • Request the guests to communicate any special dietary requirement
  • Choose a venue that caters for the preference, taste, and needs of your target audience
Hire Fees
  • Check out the hire fee for the venue and if it includes all taxes.
  • What’s included in the hire fee? Does it incorporate the costs of hiring tents, chairs, tables, parking, security, liability insurance, etc.? You should be keen to note what’s not included
  • Consider corkage fee if you are going to serve alcohol
  • What’s their cancellation policy and refund policy?
There you have it quick checklist to getting the perfect event venue. But why go through all trouble when Richfield Regency fits the bill? It has everything someone can dream of an event venue in NJ.

For a tour of our Event Venue Hall in NJ and to begin planning your next celebration, call the Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.

The Richfield Regency - A great Event Venue Hall in NJ

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