Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NJ Prom Venue

The prom is a very memorable time for teens, a time they will remember forever. If you want everyone attending to have a great time you’ll want to do the best at planning the prom. These helpful tips will keep you ahead of the game and give you plenty of time to plan the best prom you can.
            First if you have never planned a prom before you’ll want to join a prom committee. This committee oversees everything from the budget, what theme is best want and every thing else that goes into planning a prom. If you are already in a committee, consider finding new members to broaden the scope.
            During the committees first meeting, it is important to pick the date first. This is to ensure that the whole class will be able to make it. Check the calendar for school trips, big games, tests and important meetings.
            Once the date is selected, you’ll want to figure out the budget. This will get things in the perfect price range such as a venue, decorations and a DJ or band. It is important to know your budget before moving forward with the booking. You could easily go over budget not knowing how much you actually have to spend. Fundraisers are great way to build your budget the overall budget of the committee and cut down on the student ticket prices.

            When you have figured a budget, it is time to select a venue. Richfield Regency is a premiere NJ prom venue and banquet hall. Our NJ prom hall features a mix of dance club and fine dining that will be sure to please all prom goers. And our diverse and extensive menu features dishes that are sure to please all tastes.
Call Richfield Regency today at 973-239-6234, and book your prom venue today.

Richfield Regency 
420 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

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