Monday, March 31, 2014

Wedding Venue in North NJ for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer are the most popular wedding seasons for understandable reasons. The weather is great is beautiful, and it often makes for better photographs. Richfield Regency offers these tips to help make your wedding in the Spring or Summer the best it can be.
            During these two seasons you have the option to set your wedding outside. It’s always a nice setting to have the reception and party. Most weddings that are placed inside have photos from outside but imagine having everything placed outside. The kiss, dancing and laughs. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, it is wise to prepare in the event of rain.
            You’ll want to book early as Spring and Summer can be very busy times for weddings. Pick a nice resort or venue that will have a beautiful setting for your wedding. Including the things that go on outside.
   There are more options for flowers during this time, since they are all in bloom. The right flowers will make your wedding very seasonal and colorful. Even the dresses will look seasonal, it’s a great to make things match the season you are in.

       Choosing a wedding venue in North NJ for the Spring or Summer will have a great affect on the overall wedding experience. If you would like to know more about Richfield Regency's wedding venue in North NJ, call today and one of our wedding venue experts will be glad to answer any questions.

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