Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bar Mitzvah Venue in North NJ

 The planning of your bar mitzvah is an important life event, and our bar mitzvah venue in North NJ can accommodate up to 250 friends and family to help celebrate your son’s readiness to observe religious principles. Our world-class kosher cuisine provides many options for you and your son – and his friends – on his special day. From many dinner options to buffet stations, we can help create a truly memorable day or evening for your entire family. With our professional service and years of experience planning and hosting an array of events, our bar mitzvah venue in North NJ can help make your bar mitzvah a truly memorable day.

When you begin planning your bar mitzvah at the Richfield Regency, you’ll be taken away by our extensive menu and options available to you. Our wonderful cocktail selections include a Peking duck station, pastrami carving station, and Oriental station with steamed dumplings, egg rolls, and fried rice—and so much more. Passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails by our friendly and attentive staff make a great way to begin your bar mitzvah and ceremonies. Our bar mitzvah venue in North NJ respects and accommodates your wishes for the evening, any special events you’d like to plan, and candle lighting ceremonies.

After dinner has been served and you’ve danced the day or night away, we have a wide selection of dessert options that leave many guests speechless – mostly because they’re focused on getting more sweets onto their plates! Our famous Viennese tables combine many of our featured desserts on expertly presented tables brought to the dance floor, momentarily turning your party into a one-stop sweet-shop with cakes, pies, and many other delights. We can include our chocolate fantasy fountain, cotton candy machine, or popcorn machine to enhance your dessert experience. Our bar mitzvah venue in North NJ can pack everything you want and more into a single evening while remaining local in our Verona location.

We have the capabilities to help create a wonderful day for your bar mitzvah, as well as many other special events including:

…and many other special events in North NJ. You can glimpse our kosher menu and kosher Viennese table menu today to get an idea of how you’d like to celebrate your bar mitzvah. For more information about our bar mitzvahvenue in North NJ, call the Richfield Regency today at (973) 239-6234.

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