Friday, September 25, 2015

Off Premise Catering in North NJ

When you're looking for exceptional service brought to you, our off premise catering in North NJ brings our world-class cuisine and excellence to your property of choice. Honored with years of providing our tasteful menu options and details to your facility for comfort and convenience, our off premise catering in North NJ offers the same level of expertise we deliver in our Verona location.

A party outside of our banquet venue is perfect for anybody who seeks the acclaimed cuisine and service found in the Richfield Regency but prefers a different hosting venue. We have provided off premise catering in North NJ to temples, homes, women's clubs, auditoriums, museums, and more. We provide the same level of service you expect from our catering hall as experienced within our own vanue, and our commitment is on your full enjoyment. Whether you are celebrating a bat mitzvah at your temple or a wedding reception at your favorite museum, you can be sure to receive a truly unique experience with our expert off premise catering in North NJ.

Our customizable menu options are designed to craft a delectable day or evening for you and guests. From our peking duck cocktail hour station to our Viennese dessert tables, we have the capability to fulfill your evening's wishes. Our attentive staff is here for you when needed, so you can focus on enjoying your night instead of the many responsibilites that come from arranging and managing your own event. With years of service and compliments, let us take care of the details - so you can focus on having a wonderful evening.

With our off premise catering in North NJ, your night can be as you imagined. Outside, indoors, corporate or private, we have the equipment and attentive staff needed to make sure your special occasion gives your guests, and you, longlasting memories and many compliments when the last dance ends.

We provide off premise catering in North NJ to the following areas:

For more information about off premise catering in North NJ and how we can best serve you, call the Richfield Regency today at (973) 239-6234.

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