Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Wedding Venues in NJ

In 2016, wedding venues in NJ can be transformed to convey your wedding day fantasies. While many couples opt for an elegant, traditional reception, many still are infusing their own interests and lifestyle into every aspect of their wedding, from decor to table settings, wedding cake to lighting. Couples are taking charge of their special day, cultivating a space that transports guests to an enchanting getaway where they can celebrate marriage in a unique, creatively designed banquet area.

The Richfield Regency has worked with many, many couples to create space that defines their lifestyle and love for one another. We assist in making your creative wedding day come true with our years of experience and attention to the details. Our professional staff helps you create the day you've always dreamed of, and the additions you've included in your fantasy along the way. When you're looking for 2016 wedding venues in NJ, consider the Richfield Regency for expert planning, world-class cuisine, and attentive service.

But with so many trends and great ideas, how do you choose just one? Below, we've compiled some popular themes we've seen in our own wedding venue, and ways to make them your own!

Vintage Weddings

It comes as no surprise that vintage weddings are still a fantastic way to begin life with your partner. With so many ways to create a truly unique reception, many newlyweds are flocking towards a vintage aesthetic and looking for 2016 wedding venues in NJ to accommodate this setup. 

The Richfield Regency is excited to assist you in planning your vintage wedding! Consider incorporating some of the following if you are planning a vintage wedding:

  • Mason Jar Candles: One mason jar, some water, and a tea light give your wedding reception space a whimsical, intimate feel. 
  • Vintage Bottle Centerpieces: Fresh, beautiful flowers held in older bottles combines old and new, a stark contrast that immediately catches the eye and gives tables a warm, welcoming quality.
  • Personal Belongings: Family heirlooms, pieces of luggage, picture frames, and more can act as beautiful accent pieces to your wedding space, truly giving a vintage appeal to your space. 
High Romance

In love, you want to share it with all you meet. Sometimes, materializing love from deep, resounding feelings can be a bit tough. However, more couples are flourishing their wedding with emotional detail to melt the hearts of all in attendance. Get those tissues ready!
  • Candlelit Ceremonies: A twilight ceremony by candlelight is one of the most romantic things we can imagine! Right out of a fairy tale, your marriage begins surrounded by warm lights and the love of your life standing beside you. 
  • Chandeliers: Elegance at its finest! Many who are looking for 2016 wedding venues in NJ and considering a theme of romance should consider a venue with beautiful chandeliers. Of course, the Richfield Regency has large chandeliers to give your wedding night a beautiful glimmer.
  • Colors of Love: Deep red hues, white rose petals, light pink accents - these colors embody love and passion; symbols of romance. 
Oh, we could go on for ages! There are so many options to choose from when planning your perfect wedding night - and we are ready and available to assist you!

For more information about 2016 wedding venues in NJ and how we can make your night truly memorable, call the Richfield Regency at (973) 239-6234.

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