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Sweet Sixteen Venue in New Jersey

Short listing a venue for your big day, Sweet Sixteen Birthday party is quite a task! To make it easy for you, we’ve listed a few things you can keep in mind before deciding.

What kind of party do you want?
Do you want big, bustling celebration or a quiet gathering with just a few close friends? All teens have different choices. Some girls might be really excited for their big sweet sixteen bash while it may not make much of a difference to others. And girls aren’t the only ones excited for their sweet sixteen; some boys like to celebrate too. Depending upon whether you want a poolside party or if you’d like to book a hall as a sweet sixteen venue in New Jersey, look no further than Richfield Regency.  

Sweet Sixteen Venue In New Jersey

Your Budget
The Budget will include a lot of things. Depending upon your budget and type of party in mind you can pick up a venue. A poolside venue or a lawn can be chosen if the party is in the daytime and a hall or a restaurant otherwise. Once you’ve chosen the venue, you’ll have to decide how you want it to be decorated, what color the lights should be and what color combination balloons would you prefer? There’s cake to select, and food, of course has to be perfect. Then you also have a dress to choose for the evening and invitations to be sent. You should be clear about the budget. Richfield Regency understands all sides of major events including the budget, they can help you provide a gorgeous venue worthy of your teenager without going over budget.

The Theme
To make their sweet sixteen unique and more memorable, most teens like to have a themed party. There are a variety of options like masquerade, color theme or costume theme. Some fiction lovers might want to dress up as their favorite fictional characters while some ought to have it all Disney themed. Well, you’ll be sweet sixteen only once, so do it right.

The Guest List
The biggest and most difficult question is perhaps who to invite. Friends, family, family friends or just friends! The venue depends entirely on your guest list. The more people, the larger space you’ll need. Most people like to have a separate party with family and family friends so that there is no interference from them later and you can enjoy with your friends to the fullest. But deciding who to invite among friends is a tricky task in itself. Teens have a lot of friends, friends of friends and people they don’t like but have to invite. So you should pick up a pen and paper, take your time and make a full-fledged guest list. But no matter who or how many people they invite they can be accommodated for at Richfield Regency.

First of all, you’ll also want the perfect cake that people can’t get their eyes off. Usually, you don’t need separate caterers, and the venue includes catering which is why the venue depends on a lot on the kind of food you want. In the case of Richfield Regency, they have catering handled can have several menus to choose from for your teen’s sweet sixteen. If you want a combination of different cuisines, you’ll have to decide the menu beforehand. We also offer special menus and accommodations for special dietary needs.

To learn more about our sweet sixteen venue in New Jersey, call us at 973-239-6234.

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