Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Summer Wedding Venue in NJ

Choosing a wedding venue can be fraught with some difficulties that you may not have imagined. Weddings are a time of grandeur, and a celebration of a new chapter in life. So naturally, couples actively search for venues that reflect the excitement they feel and the majesty of their vision. We at Richfield Regency have continuously put lots of time and effort into creating a wonderful summer wedding venue in NJ. Though summer seems far away, the months pass quickly and before you know it, it’s the end of spring and your summer wedding is only weeks away.

Planning a summer wedding allows for a wider choice of decorations, stores and locations you can choose from. You have the chance to choose between indoors or outdoors celebration, sit-down meals or a buffet, peonies or roses. We’d like discuss some of the options that summer weddings allow.

Summer Wedding Venue in NJ 
Indoor or Outdoor Photography
A summer wedding venue gives you the choice of deciding whether to get married indoors or outdoors. But since it’ll be summer for your wedding, why not take advantage of the outdoors and nice weather for all the pictures? Since we are right across the street from Verona Park, we are at a great advantage for further photo opportunities off premise between the ceremony and the reception. If you wish to stay on premise we have our waterfall, fountains, trees, a fire place and a gazebo as backdrops for pictures you will cherish for years to come.

Sit-down Meals or Buffet?
Sometimes, a sit-down meal provides something gracious and old-world, with several courses beautifully presented and served under the blue skies, interspersed with witty toasts and speeches. If you want a summer celebration with your full guest of friends and relatives, go for sit-down meals. We have excellent on premise chefs and several menus to choose from. However, you are not required to use our catering services and encourage you to follow your heart for when it comes to choosing the food for the reception.

You can also decide buffets because you are able to keep the party going all night with food, drink refills readily available. This is even made better when your wedding is being held in a summer venue. No stress of getting thing inside because the weather is brilliant and people can move around easily. It is even easier to keep them on the dance floor.

Peonies or Roses
Summer Wedding Venue in NJ 
Choosing what kind of flowers you want won’t be a big deal. During summer months, flowers are abundant, but you might need to discuss with your florist so that you can get flowers that much your wedding venue and has prolonged life as much as possible. If you’re at a loss for choosing a florist, we have a few that are associated with us and would be more than happy to set you up with them. They have worked with us for many years and know all about the latest trends and all the possibilities for summer floral arrangements.

A summer wedding venue provides a perfect opportunity to wear a flowing, strapless wedding gown. The bridal party can also choose to wear light dresses in combination with beautiful shades to complement the summer venue and theme.  Perhaps if you’re a bride, you’d like to consider how the floral arrangements could compliment your dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids.

To learn more about our summer wedding venue in NJ, please contact us today at 973-239-3234.  Our staff at Richfield Regency will be glad to take your call and assist you with your wedding plans. 

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