Friday, February 24, 2017

Off Premise Catering in NJ

At the heart of every event is the quality and presentation of food. No matter how appealing the d├ęcor is or the sheer ambiance of the venue, the food has to match the quality of this event. The importance of food at events has made it an issue to be settled at the early stage of planning. Different choices are available to the planning but it most times boils down to a choice between on premise catering and off premise catering. Today we at Richfield Regency would like to discuss our venue that has the option to go with off premise catering in NJ.

On premise catering involves the food being prepared at the event venue. This means that there would be a kitchen at the event venue where everything concerning food will be handled.

Off Premise Catering in NJ 
Off premise catering on the other hand involves food being prepared at a location outside the event venue. Typically, the cooking is completed and the food is transported plated and ready to be served. In some cases, some aspects of the cooking are finished up at the venue particularly when the menu choices are exotic and delicate.

While on premise catering is accessible with facilities like dishes, tables and linens made available courtesy of the venue, it can prove to be expensive in the long run. With off premise catering you can get the same standard of service or of an even higher quality at a more affordable rate. Plus, you can pick and choose the type of food, the menu, and you aren’t limited by what solely is provided by the venue.

Apart from the obvious benefit of reduction in costs, off premise catering is more efficient. This is because issues are resolved way before the event because of the difficulty in making sudden changes. The off premise catering service basically takes every eventuality into consideration and plans ahead.

Your off catering needs are best handled by a reputable company and we have a list of things to consider before you make your decision.

Things to look out for in choosing an off premise catering company

Go a step beyond websites and get people to share their experience from using a particular company. When considering a caterer, focus on the quality of their food as well as the range of options they offer.

Facilities and equipment.
The job of a good off premise catering service is to get the food delivered safely to the venue. The food must also be delivered while it is hot and fresh. To achieve this, they need top of the range equipment and tools. Inspect their facilities and ask questions when you need clarification.

It is not enough that the catering service has years of experience between their staff. You should also check for experience relating to your kind of event.

This is particularly important in off premise catering where a premium is placed on the presentation as well as the quality of the food.

While we do provide on premise catering, we want to go with what you feel will truly make the event a memorable one. So feel free to explore your options!

To learn more about Richfield Regency or for questions about our off premise catering in NJ please call us today at 973-239-6234.

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