Friday, February 17, 2017

Wedding Reception Hall in Essex County, NJ

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days for a couple for a number of reasons. One of these is the wedding reception. The wedding reception can make or break this beautiful day. Choosing and organizing the wedding reception hall is one of the first big decisions that a couple will make together. As professionals in the wedding business, we at Richfield Regency have heard many couples wondering how to go about choosing this important venue. As experts, we advise on a few considerations when thinking about the wedding reception hall in Essex county NJ.

Level of the service
Wedding Reception Hall in Essex County, NJ 
Do you need full service or not?  Full service is where everything is catered for from the chairs, utensils, d├ęcor, food, entertainment system and pretty much everything else needed in a wedding reception. While this option takes the burden of planning off the shoulders of the couple, your choice is limited.

If you opt for venue only, you will be responsible for everything else. This could give you room to shop according to your budget, but you will have more workload on your wedding plan.

Time of the day
If you are having your reception starting 6 pm it is only advisable you visit the venue at 6 pm and see how it looks like in the evening. Will the lighting be adequate or will you need special lighting? Are there cold drafts coming through? Is there disruptive human activity at that hour? For example, Saturday is a popular wedding day, but popular venues will have something or another going on any Saturday. Visit the place on a Saturday and see if what is going on will be amenable with your reception.

The first question we ask any couple looking for a wedding reception hall is the number of guests expected. While the guest list will not be clear early in the planning stages, it is good for a couple to have a good idea of how many people they would like in the reception. The number expected is important to the planner of the venue as they can plan on seating arrangement, air conditioning and other things to make the guests comfortable.

What is your wedding style?
If you plan on a big Greek style wedding, you will probably spend most of the reception time outdoors. You will possibly need the hall only for food and evening dance. Consider how you are styling the wedding so that the hall can fit your entertainment needs.

What is the distance of the reception venue from the church? Will guests be coming from the locality or far off? Choose a venue that is convenient.  If the majority of your guests live in Essex county, we’re right there for you!

For more information about our wedding reception hall in Essex county NJ to learn more about us at Richfield Regency please call us today at 973-239-6234.

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